Thursday, March 24, 2011


Geez I want this so badly!

GAH! Glow is soooo pretty- and $6.50??? That's almost as cheap as elf's cream blush!

I would buy several shades if I could buy online.


Maybe Urban Outfitters will start carrying them. The only place I've heard of NYX other than there is at ULTA. Suprisingly, I've never been. It's kind of a long drive from here, and I live across the street from Sephora and MAC...

I also adore and crave the Round Case lipsticks from NYX.

I have a friend who takes ballet next to ULTA, so maybe I'll ask her to pick one up for me. They're $6.99 at ULTA just BTW.

For ULTA people here's a coupon. That means if you get a cream blush and throw in a round case lip stick it would only be an extra .50! How great is that?


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