Monday, March 28, 2011

Missed my Target

Double-fail! We went to a different Target today where they don't carry elf, and the dry shampoo was out of stock! :(

Sorry if you were anticipating reviews, although I'm doubting you were. Hehe.

I did grab one beauty-related thing today though! Suprisingly, from TJ Maxx. I don't know if you guys have heard of MissGlamorazzi, but I watch her on YouTube and she always talks about Ahava and how much she likes it, so today when I saw a Purifying Mud Soap For Oily Skin for $3.99, I picked it up straight away. I've never used a facial bar soap before so I just hope i get enough lather. I think it should be just fine with my Sephora facial scrub brush. It smells earthy and mineral-y and nice. At least, I like it.

The reason why generally I don't buy beauty products from discount stores like Marshalls or TJ's is because a lot of time the packaging is open, something is missing, or people have been using it in the store. This soap had an outer box which I opened in the store to make sure that the soap was well preserved.

I was happy to see that there was a paper wrapping the soap:

The soap itself was a bit cracked's soap. It's an unpleasant murky olive green but I's soap.

I'll give you a more detailed review tomorrow after I try it out tonight and in the morning. I'm concerned that the soap will be a bit drying, but I'm still excited to try it.

Next time I'm at (a different) Target I'll pick up some elf!

By the way, tomorrow I go back to school from my language trip/Spring break break, so I won't be able to post quite as much, especially not during the day. I'll try to write 2 posts a day, one before I start homework, one after dinner, and post the dinner one the next day around lunchtime with my iPod. Depending on tests or homework, I may not be able to keep this up. I will attempt to.


PS Coming up very very soon is my neutral eye look!

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