Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Physician's Formula SALE

Hey guys,

At CVS this week all Physician's Formula is 40% off! I'll be stopping by there definitely on Friday but I can't promise to pick anything up because as you saw, I went on a seriously serious shopping binge is France...and you've only seen the makeup! Please post your favorite Physician's Formula products in the comments! I'm thinking about their felt-tip liquid liner. Mine was Wet n' Wild, and the tip didn't last long. I talked about getting an Eyeko one from Urban Outfitters, but I never saw them again! I'm gonna see on Friday if they have any other flavors/colors for the VitaminSchtick balms, but I kinda doubt it. Sorry for never posting pics. I've been having some issues with the macro on my camera. I'll get on it.



  1. Their 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner Serum is awesome, see here:

  2. thank you sooo much! love the murloc. kind of you, but i actually just bought another eyeliner today. i guess i'll haul it tomorrow. i have to give all this shopping a little pause. did it actually grow your eyelashes at all? i'm content with mine, just wondering though.

  3. I still need to do a review on the long-term effects... thanks for reminding me! I didn't notice a ton of difference. For me, it seemed to work a little bit. My lashes are definitely more manageable now. But it's not like WOAH FALSIES kind of difference. Very minor.

  4. Cool. I figured if it's drugstore. Those lash growth serums get pretty pricey as far as I know. Like Latisse or whatever?