Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vitamin Schtick :)

Yesterday when I was walking around the shops near my house I noticed Club Monaco was closing and everything in the whole store was on clearance and was half off. I walked in and fell in love with a pair of blue chinos. They're so cute for Spring! They were originally $119, but I snagged them for TEN! Today I went back to buy a pair in a pretty olive green. I mean, why not? On the way home I had to stop into Urban Outfitters because it's basically my home away from home, and as I was traveling last week, I had been separated for too long. I always head straight for sale or beauty. A lot of times there's stuff on sale in beauty. My rule or UO is never to buy anything full price unless it's ridiculously cheap already. For quite a while now I've been eying (eyeing? eye-ing?) the VitaminWater lip balms. The trouble is, they're $8. Lip balm to me isn't supposed to cost $8. When I saw those glorious orange stickies reading $1.99, I knew one of them had to be mine. There were several yellow, one orange, and one purple. All of them were opened or gross except for one yellow! My preference was actually purple because I'm not generally a fan of citrus-y lip balms. If your lips are raw or chapped sometimes the acidity of lemon or orange or grapefruit can sting! But you don't understand. These balms are gigantic, and with their jiggly jello-y appearance, I was not concerned by its name: "tropical citrus". In fact, I think I prefer it over anything grape-y now that I have smelt it! I just want to eat it!!! It smells completely overwhelmingly delicious. And just in case you were wondering, it has Vitamin E and an SPF20! It feels great on my lips and gives them a really nice shiny, glossy finish. It also brings out the pink pigmentation of my lips somehow...I don't know, they just look pinker. You know how the VitaminWaters are supposed to have special uses or powers or whatever? This one is called energy! On the side it reads:

"please note: this great smelling lip balm only looks like a bottle of nutrient enhanced vitaminwater. by no mean should you drink the lip balm...instead grab a bottle of vitaminwater and begin operating heavy machinery."

How cute is that? Because the Urban Outfitters website completely sucks, and I can't find a decent listing anywhere else, I don't have a link. Maybe I'll post a picture tomorrow. Seriously, I won't be losing this lip balm!

Seriously, the price wasn't the same on the site, and they didn't have either the lemon or grape flavors that were in the store. *facepalm*

Urban Outfitters is my favorite store though. :)



PS This is my third lip balm in less than a week. See my French Makeup Haul post.


  1. VitaminWater lip balms? I want! What does the packaging look like?

  2. oh my god it's so cute. the balms are absolutely ginormous. you can get them on amazon in (in my opinion) cuter/nicer colors. i'm happy with mine though. i'll write a post right now with pics!