Sunday, March 27, 2011

VitaminSchtick Pics and Update


So I've been using my VitaminWater lip balm for the past few days now and I really like it. If you put waaaaaaaaaay too much on (like me) it becomes a bit grainy but other than that my first impressions were spot on. Someone was interested in packaging and pics, well here you are!

Look at the size of my nail in comparison to the tube! Huge!

By the way, when I bought it, the packaging was a little grubby (duh, it was from Urban Outfitters), but I realized there was a whole seal on the outside printed the same way as the sticker on the tube so it was nice and clean when unwrapped, without any yucky price tag residue.

I love the balm. It gives my lips a really nice shine, but it hasn't replaced my Yves Rocher reparing balm. I use that under lipstick.



  1. I love mine :)

    You can find them here:

    or cheaper here:

    if you actually want to buy one. (: