Friday, March 25, 2011


So guys, I have another lil mini haul for you!

For the third day in a row, I went to Urban Outfitters. Don't judge! I can walk there in five minutes. Their beauty selection is limited but I think it's rather nice. They have those little Stila palettes that cost ten bucks and have four eyeshadows and a convertible color. Most of them are destroyed and have fingerprints or the pans are gauged out! Eww. They were $1.99 today with and everything on sale was 30% off so it was only $1.39...woww. I found one that wasn't too gross. I bought it, brought it home and gave it some TLC. I cleaned up the palette and sterilized the shadows and bronzer/lip color with alcohol. The color I got was Fabulous in Fiji!

Inside the magnetized case is a nice big mirror with an Amelia Earhart quote.

"Flying may not be plain sailing, but the fun of it is worth the price."

The colors-

r&r- light grey silver- top left
escape- dark grey silver- top right
palm- light bright forest green (if that makes sense)- bottom left
wave- deep dark blue- bottom right

plumeria- dark bronze- it's the big one...

These are all quite shimmery.

The convertible color is soooo creamy. I really want a pink one. I wanna see if there's one that's not too damaged from the pretty floral palette.

The silvery shadows look nice but I probably won't be using the blue and green shades anytime soon. I might do a look just for fun.

This palette just got swatched!

Eww you can see my arm hairs... hehe.

I also purchased a white nyx nail art nail polish. It may be useful. The wand is really long and thin.

I wasn't sure whether it was polish or a detailer but now that I know I may also get a black one. Both of these purchases together cost less than a chai at Starbucks. :) may recall that in my last post I mentioned how much I really really wanted the NYX cream blush in glow. Well, my friend got it for me!!

She's so nice! I'll have it by Tuesday, though I might not be able to get a review in by then.

By the way, Physician's Formula didn't really excite me.


PS Does anyone have an unhealthy obsession with Bones like me? The show- don't worry.

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