Sunday, March 27, 2011


So I just talked to my friend and she asked me to pick her up a stila palette. I got her the floral chic one because it was the cleanest...and her name is Flora. Anyways...while I was at Urban Outfitters, I noticed the POPBeauty Cat Eyes eyeliner that I wanted (retails for $16), had a $3.50 tag on it! I obviously got it! I think the sticker was from a NYX eyeliner, so now I feel sorta guilty. Their mistake, right?'s very nice. It has tiny, tasteful flecks of shimmer and a beautiful, creamy, smoky, blendable look and feel. This color is No. 1 Black Onyx.


The first line is drawn with the tip of the rectangle, the second two the whole surface area of the rectangle, and the fourth one I used the rectangle horizontally.

Meow. Haaa- thanks for the cute idea Marin from your Physician's Formula post.

Also, I went to CVS for kicks and decided as a pick-me-up to grab one of those wet n wild $1.99 glosses. I bought the brightest pink, without sparkles or glitter. I just wanted shiny lips, and these are called mega slicks (not a very good name...ha.) I got home and wanted to try it on. I was happy because it smelled deliciously sugary and was very very bright in the tube. When I pulled the doe-footed applicator out of the tube completely I was extremely disappointed. Zero pigment. I think had I bought the clear gloss or wanted a clear gloss I would've been happy but this was really quite lame. *RAWRR-MEWANTLIPGLASS* Sorry.

One thing that cracked me up is a lot of French designer brands have the names of the products in French and English on American products and cheap brands imitate them to seem classier or pricier. The name of this gloss is "Cotton Candy". Not classy. The funny part is that in French Cotton Candy is called "Barbe à Papa" (Daddy's Beard). Classy. :P By the way, I tried to take a picture of the product on my lips but I'm having lighting issues. I'll work on it.


It looks even brighter than that (in the tube) in real life!


I totally looooove the eyeliner though!