Monday, January 31, 2011

Okay, okay, I'll stop with the giveaways.

This one is just so awesome!




Another giveaway!

I always enter giveaways hehe- my reasoning is "why not?"

Check this one out! OPI and Urban Decay!


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Beauty Blogging

Hey guys-

Just wanted to give you the names of a few blogs I am constantly checking.

Reviews and tips galore! There are sooo many posts, I love this blog.

Found this through the makeup and beauty blog (there are guest posts sometimes), I love a change of perspective on makeup. A male high-school makeup artist. Interesting, right?

A YouTube guru who is adorable and funny. Plus she knows her stuff! Good combination.

My favorite YouTube guru. I wish she posted more often. I love her videos. Her blog is less beauty, more her life. I'll be posting about her recent blogsale in the near future.

She's pregnant, and hasn't posted for a while. But I love her!

I am a new reader of Lauren's blog, but I love it so far. She is a MAC addict (to be fair, she's a makeup artist) and absolutely stunning. She is also the one and only follower of this blog, hehe.

I hope I become one of your favorite bloggers!


P.S. Leave me a comment about what beauty blogs you check, or your fave YouTube gurus.


That's the noise I make when I'm upset. They ran out of black Eyeko grafitti liners at my Urban Outfitters! I really want that specific one, but need it within the week for a party on Saturday, so if they don't get it by Friday, I think I'll finally make my first MAC purchase. I'm going to buy the cream liner, Fluidline in Blacktrack. I'm really excited. By the way, today my friend bought the Too Faced pixie kit that comes in a plasticized quilted bag...not sure what it's called. She got it for $20! Amazing considering it still retails at Sephora for $45...It contains an eyeshadow quad in beautiful neutrals (two shimmer, two matte), a blush/bronzer duo (both matte), a little lash injection (?) mascara, a little baby Shadow Insurance (awwww), and a full sized Glamour Gloss (!!!) in Plush (described on the site as a candied coral...I see it as a peachy-pink with golden shimmers). The reason I'm telling you this is that she gave me the gloss! While surfing Sephora, and being my usual beaut-informed self, I noticed that Too Faced has a new Valentine's/Spring set called "The Look of Love". I'm not impressed. It looks the same as the set my friend found on clearance except that there is only one palette (2 shadows, 1 blush), a bigger shadow insurance and mascara, same-sized Glamour Gloss in a different color, and a foundation primer and kabuki brush...hmm. The blush and gloss are just pink-er. Pinkier? More pink. I guess if you absolutely loved everything from the Fall/Winter set, and you're running out, and want newer trendier colors this is good. Still not convinced. Oh well. Too Faced is great, I got a gloss! :)



Everytime I check the blog there are 3-4 more views. This boosts my confidence, and makes me want to write more, but please give me a sign. I will absolutely read every comment, and my guarantee is that I will reply to everyone, even the haters. xD

Follow, comment, blog about me, give me a boost! Just show me that you're here!

Blogsale Haul

Okay everyone- one of my favorite YouTube gurus everrr is saaammage. She is funny, talented, and rambly. Those are three things I look for in a beauty guru. So when I saw that she was having a blogsale, I jumped on the opportunity to purchase a few of her gently used beauty products. In her favorite nail polishes of winter video, she wrote about how much she loved Essie's Very Cranberry. She was selling it for $4, and I decided to give it a spin. I am in love with the color, it is absolutely beautiful, however I hate the polish. I applied it with a Sally Hansen base coat, but was probably too lazy or too late to something for a topcoat. It starts chipping and peeling very quickly. About a week into wearing it I finally got fed up. I thought Essie was supposed to be very nice quality... I've seen it at salons and even J. Crew! Did I get a dud? Am I doing something wrong? Is this just very high maintenance polish? I love the color and the thin formula is easy to apply, but apparently has no staying power. I also purchased an ELF 6-shadow palette in Smoky. Beautiful pigmentation, I reaaaally want some ELF of my own. I love the color on the top right... Hard to describe... A dark smokey greenish blue. I don't know. <3


Liquid Eyeliners

Ok- the other day I bought a Wet n' Wild eye-defining felt-tip liner for $3.99 at CVS. I think I had an ExtraBuck too...don't you love them? I loved it. I practiced, I learned wings, I used it everyday...for a week. The tip got dirty because of use on sparkly eyes and the point got blunt and difficult to draw with. As an effort to save the $4 product I cut the tip at an angle to try and make it no avail. It kind of failed and now lines are streaky and uneven. That's why today I'm going to Urban Outfitters to purchase an Eyeko Grafitti Liquid Liner! They have it in black, purple, blue, and green (?), and I know I'm boring, but I'll be buying the black one. Eyeko is a British cosmetics company with absolutely adorable makeup. They have mascara that is stored in a tube that squeezes and lipgloss with Big Ben and the Union Jack! <3 (mascara= $12, gloss=$10, liner=$8). Can't wait. I'll post a comparison of it and my WnW later.


Triple Update?: Shopping List and Haul

Okay guys-

I bought none of the stuff from my shopping list. I got a Wet n' Wild Liquid Liner (I'll do a post about that very very soon) instead of a MAC Blactrack Fluidline, I did get an angled brush from Urban Decay when I ordered the Ink for Eyes in Pyrotechnics on Hautelook, my mom bought me a Revlon Brow Fantasy kit at Walgreens (it's too light for me), and Christmas and the holidays passed, I'm on the lookout for Spring colors like the Glee collection or I totally want the Black Shatter top coat from the Serena Williams and Katy Perry collections! I just haven't figured out where to buy I'm sorry I didn't buy anything...but oh well. I did buy a ton of stuff. I need to tell you all about the great things I bought without premeditation. At Urban Outfitters, they weref having this huge sale that included NYX pigments for $1.99 down from $6. I was excited, and bought one called Oro. It looks pretty bronzey-orangey in the container, but on skin it looks more gold. I tried a warm-toned look on my eyes and I found it looked amazing. I went back the next day and bought five more...hehe. I got Lagoon (a beautiful mermaid color), Sunny Day (hot magenta), Violet (dark purple-based blue), Golden Peach (it's golden peach...), and a Glitter on the Go in So Pretty (baby pink with sooo many iridescent sparkles, very finely milled). I am in love with them. There were one or two colors I didn't buy, I remember there was a dark green one I didn't like. I will probably swatch them and post a picture later! The other thing I bought was a set of Stila brushes!! I had been dying for some brushes, because the only one I had was that angled one. I found a set of FIVE Stila brushes on clearance for TEN BUCKS. Oh. My. God. Needless to say, I snatched them up. There's a powder brush, a lip brush, a concealer brush, an allover blending brush, and another brush that looks a lot like it. It was a holiday set with black handles and pink metal. They're so soft, I love them. Also, I bought a Jelly Pong Pong "Shadow Taffy" with an adorable bird on top of the enormous compact. I'm not sure it can even be called a compact. It's this weird consistency of shadow in bright pink and very shiny bronze. To me it looks like a blush/ bronzer duo. The bronze may be a bit too metallicy for bronzer but I may use it as a cream liner. The blush looks good! :) By the way, it was marked down from $24 to $6.99. Yayyy. In addition, I got a great sweater (soooo warm) for $10 and a Hello Kitty compact (dirty and scratched on the inside...) for $1.99. I also purchased a clearance Revlon mascara from CVS yesterday, but I think I'll be returning it today. It's just not needed. I'm going back to Urban Outiftters for the third day in a row today. They also had two Too Faced kits for $20 apiece but I decided against. I might show them to my friend. By the way, the UO website is horrible. All the prices are different in store and online. I told a cashier that NYX pigments were $2 online and that they were not marked down in the store, but that next time I should print out the page from the site so she wouldn't have to look it up themselves. Not happening. Waste of trees, waste of my time, and you're getting paid. No.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lauren Clark Giveaway!

Okay so a great pro and bridal makeup artist, Lauren Clark, is doing a huuuuge smashbox giveaway. Everyone should enter! It's a great giveaway with tons of amazing products that I have been yearning for. There are four ways to win! I hope I get lucky...I absolutely love Lauren's work and she actually read my blog! :) I would give anything for her amazing MAC collection. If you read this Lauren, I was wondering whether you were looking to buy anything from the new MAC Wonder Woman collection...I've heard the lipglasses and penultimate liner are supersized!

Click for Lauren's giveaway.



Tuesday, January 4, 2011

AprilAthena7's giveaway!

Yay! AprilAthena7 (a great beauty guru on YouTube) has created a giveaway that I would like to share with you!

It's a Sephora kit packed with valuable products! I've entered! You should too!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Update: My Shopping List

Ok- so today I logged on to ELF and found that I could get a good quality:

-concealer/foundation brush
-translucent powder
-brow kit w/ brush
-cream eyeliner w/ brush

all for $20.95. (With $6.95 shipping + $5 off coupon)

I do not have a credit card (I get a cash allowance), so I asked my mom if she would buy it for me, and I could pay her in cash. She said I have enough makeup. This may be true, but I don't have any of the things I asked for, and I don't know what else to spend my money on... the e.l.f. products I chose aren't available in Target yet... and I have a coupon. If someone with access to a credit card or paypal account or something could buy me an e.l.f. giftcard... I could buy the stuff. Of course I would have to cover shipping. If my mom found out, she might be mad too. But I don't even have a foundation... wahh. I know I'm whiny and conceited. I want that stuff though. If I don't get this $3 brow kit, I'll probably go buy the one that's in walking distance to me... and that's $13. So, yeah.