Saturday, March 19, 2011

French Makeup Haul!

This past week I have had a great experience in Toulouse, France! It was tons of fun! One of the best times I had was shopping with my friends and then later with my host family. I bought all of my goodies at a variety of places.

Yves Rocher (!!!)
A discount makeup store called SAGA
The street...hehe. A sort of a flea market.

Today I decided to make my blog more interesting I would include some pictures! I swatched several products for you but not all... like lip balm...or shower gel.

Let's start with Yves Rocher, because I bought a lot of stuff there! Let's talk lipstick. I was looking for a couple of wearable shades. These "Rouge Dragée" lipsticks were the cheapest.

I chose Framboise Sorbet (Raspberry Sorbet) and Corail Givré (Frosted Coral). I find the latter to be more peachy than coral-y.

I actually really like the lipsticks! They're moisturizing (at least non-drying) with a minimal taste and a nice color. I find Framboise Sorbet to be a great alternative to orange with the bright lips spring trend. Orange lipstick just looks funny on me. Corail Givré doesn't give much color at all but a really pretty very frosty sheen...if you like that. I have pretty pale skin (NC25) and if you're darker than me I just wouldn't recommend this color. I like it though. One was 3.35 (euros) and the other was 4.69.

The glosses:

Without really realizing, I bought glosses in colors that correspond with the lipsticks. One is a bright reddish pink and the other is a pretty pale pink Viva Glam Gaga 1-esque color. The glosses are called "Deligloss", and they do taste quite good. My review is compromised because I was chewing minty gum. I remember when I first tried them to be nice and fruity though. I like texture, you won't be eating your hair. The pale one (Rose à Croquer), essentially Rose NOMNOMNOM, has no sparkles or glitter, but the bright one was pretty sparkly. They were 3.08 each.

They actually look super pretty blended together.

I also bought insanely moisturizing hand/nail cream and lip balm- Arnica Essentiel 2 en 1 Beauté et Jeunesse (Arnica Essential 2 in 1 Beauty and Youth) and also the Baume Reparateur au Beurre de Karité (Reparing Balm with Cocoa Butter). The cream (euros, everyone!) was 3.57 and the lip balm was 1.75. Plus a few shower gels and fizzy cubes. I tried the fizzing blackberry cube and it turned my bath purple-pink. It also tinted my skin which was kind of weird...oh well.

At SAGA, which is a little store with makeup at discount prices, I bought a sparkly silver polish for 3 or 4 euros and a set of 3 "PURE" products. Polish pics below:

It's pretty. I'm planning to add another coat. As for the PURE stuff, I got this trio for four euros:

A loose powder that resembles blush because of its baby pink color,a pink shimmery lipstick and an eyeshadow duo.

It was sort of hard to take pictures of the powder/blush, but here's the lipstick in the color Peggy (11).

It's pretty, and moisturizing. I don't pair a gloss with it because it has a nice finish. As far as taste and smell go, it's pretty...lipstick-y, if you know what I mean. Not a bad thing. I think this stuff is supposed to be dupes of NARS. The packaging bears a resemblance. It's made by Carlo di Roma. I also got the little eyeshadow duo in Sunset. The pigmentation is very weak so it won't really be useful. I tried to swatch it:

Oh well...The lipstick is decent. Has anyone else tried PURE Cosmetics?

Next is H&M...only one thing from there (beauty-wise). An adorable peach lipbalm. Just look at it!! :)

Freaking adorable, I know. And it was only 3 euros! It's actually a very nice product all around. Smells and tastes delicious, moisturizes, but gives a subtle glossy finish with a hint of pink-peachy angelic color! I <3 it.

Finally, I bought a green nail polish and a hot pink lipstick for one euro each at a little market. To my pleasant surprise, the lipstick is more of a lip tint and is actually wearable with a light hand. Of course you can layer on color for dramatic or party/costume makeup!

I used a heavy hand for a good swatch. Here's the polish:

Don't underestimate the power of cheap makeup.



  1. AH! Pictures :D That Frosted Coral is so pretty!