Monday, March 21, 2011

POPbeauty Cat Eyes Eyeliner and Beauty360

Hello everyone!

Like I said in my last post, Urban Outfitters is basically my life. Yesterday when I went I saw that the POPbeauty eyeliners with rectangular tips to facilitate cat eyes were on sale. I also mentioned that the UO website is an utter fail so I'll link the product here. I would be getting No. 1 Black Onyx, because that's the only one they have. Besides, I'm not a very colorful eyeliner person anyways. These are normally $16 but they were on sale for $9.99. I can't decide whether to try and buy one now or if I should wait until they have one of those "all sale #% off sale" sales. I think I will because I have a black eyeliner and this is just an experimental product rather than a necessity, like running out of mascara or something. Speaking of which, I can't decide what mascara I should get when I run out. I either want the Eyeko squeezy tube one or a MAC one. MAC has surprisingly inexpensive mascaras. I like liquidy mascaras because I feel that they elongate without clumping. I'm not really looking for volume. But my mascara (CARGO) still works fine.

Also, the other day I noticed a store called Beauty360. (It's about 15mins from my house walking, that's why I had never noticed it before. It's basically a high end makeup store created by CVS. I checked out the site and it is pretty expensive, but I think one of these days I'll go in. Has anyone ever looked? They have stuff like POPbeauty and Paula Dorf and CARGO, which is nice because CARGO has been discontinued by Sephora.


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