Saturday, January 1, 2011

Update: My Shopping List

Ok- so today I logged on to ELF and found that I could get a good quality:

-concealer/foundation brush
-translucent powder
-brow kit w/ brush
-cream eyeliner w/ brush

all for $20.95. (With $6.95 shipping + $5 off coupon)

I do not have a credit card (I get a cash allowance), so I asked my mom if she would buy it for me, and I could pay her in cash. She said I have enough makeup. This may be true, but I don't have any of the things I asked for, and I don't know what else to spend my money on... the e.l.f. products I chose aren't available in Target yet... and I have a coupon. If someone with access to a credit card or paypal account or something could buy me an e.l.f. giftcard... I could buy the stuff. Of course I would have to cover shipping. If my mom found out, she might be mad too. But I don't even have a foundation... wahh. I know I'm whiny and conceited. I want that stuff though. If I don't get this $3 brow kit, I'll probably go buy the one that's in walking distance to me... and that's $13. So, yeah.



  1. hey, i'll totally do it for ya

    just paypal me the $$ first, let me know if you want to

    xo LC

  2. can you ship it to your friend's house?

  3. hmm...i don't feel comfortable going behind her back. thanks so much though. maybe if you included a few elf products like foundation and powder in your next giveaway? they're so inexpensive... thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. sounds like a good idea, was thinking about going out and buying the new wet n wild 8 shadow palettes...i dont use WnW, but i heard they kind of revamped a few things. Girls on makeupalley today were going nuts over them. Maybe ill do a WnW/elf giveaway

  5. I have a WnW lipstick which I love- super pigmented, a bit sparkly for my taste. I also bought the felt tip eyeliner, but the tip kind kind of got droopy, so it's hard to use. Today at CVS I saw a leftover holiday palette, I might go back out tomorrow and buy it.