Sunday, January 30, 2011

Triple Update?: Shopping List and Haul

Okay guys-

I bought none of the stuff from my shopping list. I got a Wet n' Wild Liquid Liner (I'll do a post about that very very soon) instead of a MAC Blactrack Fluidline, I did get an angled brush from Urban Decay when I ordered the Ink for Eyes in Pyrotechnics on Hautelook, my mom bought me a Revlon Brow Fantasy kit at Walgreens (it's too light for me), and Christmas and the holidays passed, I'm on the lookout for Spring colors like the Glee collection or I totally want the Black Shatter top coat from the Serena Williams and Katy Perry collections! I just haven't figured out where to buy I'm sorry I didn't buy anything...but oh well. I did buy a ton of stuff. I need to tell you all about the great things I bought without premeditation. At Urban Outfitters, they weref having this huge sale that included NYX pigments for $1.99 down from $6. I was excited, and bought one called Oro. It looks pretty bronzey-orangey in the container, but on skin it looks more gold. I tried a warm-toned look on my eyes and I found it looked amazing. I went back the next day and bought five more...hehe. I got Lagoon (a beautiful mermaid color), Sunny Day (hot magenta), Violet (dark purple-based blue), Golden Peach (it's golden peach...), and a Glitter on the Go in So Pretty (baby pink with sooo many iridescent sparkles, very finely milled). I am in love with them. There were one or two colors I didn't buy, I remember there was a dark green one I didn't like. I will probably swatch them and post a picture later! The other thing I bought was a set of Stila brushes!! I had been dying for some brushes, because the only one I had was that angled one. I found a set of FIVE Stila brushes on clearance for TEN BUCKS. Oh. My. God. Needless to say, I snatched them up. There's a powder brush, a lip brush, a concealer brush, an allover blending brush, and another brush that looks a lot like it. It was a holiday set with black handles and pink metal. They're so soft, I love them. Also, I bought a Jelly Pong Pong "Shadow Taffy" with an adorable bird on top of the enormous compact. I'm not sure it can even be called a compact. It's this weird consistency of shadow in bright pink and very shiny bronze. To me it looks like a blush/ bronzer duo. The bronze may be a bit too metallicy for bronzer but I may use it as a cream liner. The blush looks good! :) By the way, it was marked down from $24 to $6.99. Yayyy. In addition, I got a great sweater (soooo warm) for $10 and a Hello Kitty compact (dirty and scratched on the inside...) for $1.99. I also purchased a clearance Revlon mascara from CVS yesterday, but I think I'll be returning it today. It's just not needed. I'm going back to Urban Outiftters for the third day in a row today. They also had two Too Faced kits for $20 apiece but I decided against. I might show them to my friend. By the way, the UO website is horrible. All the prices are different in store and online. I told a cashier that NYX pigments were $2 online and that they were not marked down in the store, but that next time I should print out the page from the site so she wouldn't have to look it up themselves. Not happening. Waste of trees, waste of my time, and you're getting paid. No.


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