Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lauren Clark Giveaway!

Okay so a great pro and bridal makeup artist, Lauren Clark, is doing a huuuuge smashbox giveaway. Everyone should enter! It's a great giveaway with tons of amazing products that I have been yearning for. There are four ways to win! I hope I get lucky...I absolutely love Lauren's work and she actually read my blog! :) I would give anything for her amazing MAC collection. If you read this Lauren, I was wondering whether you were looking to buy anything from the new MAC Wonder Woman collection...I've heard the lipglasses and penultimate liner are supersized!

Click for Lauren's giveaway.




  1. lol...the only thing i'm curious about are the colored mascaras cause i'm a huge colored mascara freak!

  2. yeah- i read about them on the makeup and beauty blog--

    apparently they're more tinted than normal tinted mascaras. i have the urban decay big fatty colored mascara in indigo. meh. it's okay. i got it on for $2 so i can't complain.

  3. yeah i'm super picky about my colored mascaras cause my lashes are so dark, most of them barely show up..i love LOUD colored mascaras

  4. Which one is your favorite so far?