Sunday, January 30, 2011


That's the noise I make when I'm upset. They ran out of black Eyeko grafitti liners at my Urban Outfitters! I really want that specific one, but need it within the week for a party on Saturday, so if they don't get it by Friday, I think I'll finally make my first MAC purchase. I'm going to buy the cream liner, Fluidline in Blacktrack. I'm really excited. By the way, today my friend bought the Too Faced pixie kit that comes in a plasticized quilted bag...not sure what it's called. She got it for $20! Amazing considering it still retails at Sephora for $45...It contains an eyeshadow quad in beautiful neutrals (two shimmer, two matte), a blush/bronzer duo (both matte), a little lash injection (?) mascara, a little baby Shadow Insurance (awwww), and a full sized Glamour Gloss (!!!) in Plush (described on the site as a candied coral...I see it as a peachy-pink with golden shimmers). The reason I'm telling you this is that she gave me the gloss! While surfing Sephora, and being my usual beaut-informed self, I noticed that Too Faced has a new Valentine's/Spring set called "The Look of Love". I'm not impressed. It looks the same as the set my friend found on clearance except that there is only one palette (2 shadows, 1 blush), a bigger shadow insurance and mascara, same-sized Glamour Gloss in a different color, and a foundation primer and kabuki brush...hmm. The blush and gloss are just pink-er. Pinkier? More pink. I guess if you absolutely loved everything from the Fall/Winter set, and you're running out, and want newer trendier colors this is good. Still not convinced. Oh well. Too Faced is great, I got a gloss! :)



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