Sunday, January 30, 2011

Liquid Eyeliners

Ok- the other day I bought a Wet n' Wild eye-defining felt-tip liner for $3.99 at CVS. I think I had an ExtraBuck too...don't you love them? I loved it. I practiced, I learned wings, I used it everyday...for a week. The tip got dirty because of use on sparkly eyes and the point got blunt and difficult to draw with. As an effort to save the $4 product I cut the tip at an angle to try and make it no avail. It kind of failed and now lines are streaky and uneven. That's why today I'm going to Urban Outfitters to purchase an Eyeko Grafitti Liquid Liner! They have it in black, purple, blue, and green (?), and I know I'm boring, but I'll be buying the black one. Eyeko is a British cosmetics company with absolutely adorable makeup. They have mascara that is stored in a tube that squeezes and lipgloss with Big Ben and the Union Jack! <3 (mascara= $12, gloss=$10, liner=$8). Can't wait. I'll post a comparison of it and my WnW later.


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