Thursday, December 30, 2010

Review/Haul: Urban Outfitters

So, for Christmas my aunt gave me a $50 Urban Outfitters giftcard. :)

Since I have a UO around the corner, I've been back 3 times since I got the giftcard, and it's not even 2011 yet! They've been having a mega-sale. So far with the giftcard I have bought:

-Cargo Pro Picks Collection ($86 value, retail $39), $10.
-Lip Gloss (no idea what brand, just a gloss, retail $8), $1
-Button-front skirt (retail $50), $5
-Suede Flats with a metallic bows (retail $40), $10
-NYX white eyeliner (not on sale), $3.50

So, since I can't tell you the brand of gloss, and this is a cosmetics blog, I'll just talk to you about the Cargo Pro Picks Collection and the NYX liner.

Cargo Pro Picks

I am stoked about this kit (yes, stoked). It contains an eyeshadow quad with green, purple, blue, and white, along with my personal favorite mascara and lipgloss of the moment, plus a cool lipliner I will tell you about later.


The quad is the most disappointing product. The shadows appear to be very pigmented, but on the eyelids, you really need to build up a lot of product for any real color. Just sort of a meh for me. Plus, green, purple, and blue aren't really my colors. And I have a lot of highlight colors, especially now with my Urban Decay shadow in Skimp. But the rest of the products are just so great, I don't care about this.


I got the blu-ray mascara. It is my favorite! The applicator looks like a comb, it is one sided. It is the best mascara I have ever owned, keep in mind, I have not owned too many, I'm bad at remembering to replace them. I'm so glad I got this kit too, because had I not, I would be stuck with my new UD Skyscraper mascara. :(

This lengthens, separates, defines, you name it. I love this product. On its own, I think it goes for about twice the price that I got the whole kit.


Simply the best gloss I have ever tried. A nice coral-y color with just enough shine and shimmer, but not sticky at all. It even comes with timestrip technology, a small strip you put in the cap of the gloss, which is marked with the numbers 1, 3, and 9. These are months. The strip will fill up as the gloss gets older. When it reaches the 9-month mark, Cargo recommends you replace it...well, of course they do. Best. Gloss. Ever. I would probably buy it again at retail price. I might check UO to see if they have another kit.


This is called the reverse lipliner. I had too look it up to find out how to use it. It's a fair pencil you apply just outside your lipline and blend so that you dont have to darken your lipline, just lighten what's around it. An innovative, young approach to lipliner. However, I think it goes for around $17, so you might just use this trick with a cover stick you already have or something.

I love this kit so much that if I run out, I would probably buy it for retail price and gift the quad? Four full size Cargo products (discontinued at Sephora, still sells at ULTA) for not $86, not $39, but $10! Wow, I struck a bargain. <3

Oh, I forgot about the NYX pencil. It's not that creamy, but it won't's a white liner, what do you want me to say...go buy it from NYX for four bucks if you want one.


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