Thursday, December 30, 2010

Review: Mini Lorac Haul from Hautelook

Dear beautygeekblog readers (population: 0),

As you may have noticed, I have mentioned "Hautelook" a few times in blogs.

Hautelook (pronounced OAT-look, not hot-look, like I have heard too many Youtubers say) is an amazing discount site where every day there are new sale events by designers or cosmetics companies. The sales usually last around 3 days, but some stuff sells out pretty fast. You need an account, but it's free and they send you a little email every day showing you the sales. They had a great Lorac sale, and an amazing UD sale, both of which I purchased stuff from. Semi-recently I bought two Lorac lip products.One was the Lorac Lip Polish in Groovy Fruit and the other was a Lorac Mocktail in Razberi Cosmo! Just saying- both of these products are glosses.


When I saw the image I thought it was nail polish. It comes in a short glass bottle with a black top and a nail polish brush/applicator. For the color, think super-hot pink coral orange blend with sparkles. It smells kinda funny and doesn't really taste good. It comes off easily and is too sparkly. Thumbs down. Oh well. It was only $3 on Hautelook!


Pretty color! It's like a natural berry enhancement of my natural lip color. I do like it a lot, it is shimmery, not glittery, it smells and tastes nice, and has a brush applicator similar to the stila pens or the pixi lip boosters. The only issue is that it's a bit messy. A good snag for $3.


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  1. I just bought some Mocktails off Hautelook (and I actually knew how to pronounce it! :D) and I hear a lot about how they smell and how they look, but how do they taste? Please tell me they're yummy!!!