Thursday, December 30, 2010

As promised, my favorite YouTube Beauty Gurus!

Ok, so the YouTube beauty community has grown a lot in a pretty short span of time, and this is just a list of a few of my favorite beauty gurus.

1) Michelle Phan! (screen name: michellephan)

She is so amazing and obviously beautiful. She is probably the moment's most famous beauty guru. Michelle has been featured in several magazines and definitely hundreds of blogs. She has the know-how, and is not rambly like...

2) Dulce! (screen name: dulcecandy87)

She is always talking about her life! She's pregnant right now, just saying. Congrats, Dulce! She has the tools, believe me, her makeup collection is ridiculous, and shows you how to use them with great tips and tricks. She is also not exclusively makeup-oriented. She does plenty of hauls and all that good stuff.

3) Sam/ Samantha! (screen name: saaammage)

Saaammage is so underrated! I love her videos...and she lives in my area...which I know sounds stalkerish, but she mentions it sometimes. She's super rambly like me as well! :)

I also like Elle, Blair, Bubbie, and Andrea, but Michelle, Dulce, and Sam are my top 3! Go check them out. These are some of Youtube's biggest gurus for a reason.


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