Saturday, April 30, 2011

Smooth, soft...oily lips.

Hello girls and boys,

For this is really a very unisex post. I was wandering around Lush the other day, and I noticed a little basket full of cute little metal tins that said $2! They were filled with miraculous stuff dubbed "Ultrabalm". I opened the tester, and fell in love with the goopy stuff. It was the lip conditioner I had been searching for.

Product Profile:

Company: Lush
Name: Ultrabalm
Scent: Oily? Waxy? Hard to describe. Not great, but not noticeable.
Color: Traslucent yellow-ish stuff. Yucky, right?
Use: "All Purpose Balm for All Your Bits" I use this on my lips and cuticles. It's quite oily so I keep it to just that. If you can tolerate oil on your skin and have super dry patches this may be your saving salve. You can probably also use this on dry elbows and knees.
Pros: Cute packaging, makes my lips super duper soft and heals my cuticles overnight! And if you're into all-natural ingredients and vegan products and whatnot, this fits the bill.
Cons: Meltable, so not super portable, not very convenient packaging. Very oily and soft.
Only 8g.

Good god, that's gloppy!

Only 3, all legible ingredients. And it's vegan!
A swatch of the stuff. Can you spot it?

Would I repurchase?

I'd like to go get a back-up tomorrow! I think this is an introductory (limited time offer?) travel size. Buuuuuuut, I won't, because I don't travel with it (I tried, you can see it melted to the side), and when you bring in the little empty container, you get a $2 discount off the full size! The full size is $12.95 for 1.4oz.

And for those of you who don't live near a Lush, but order from their site, the travel size is also available online.



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