Sunday, May 1, 2011

DIY Tinted Moisturizer

Trust me girls- I'm not claiming this as my own genius. It annoys me when people claim that combining foundation and moisturizer to make a tint or concealer or eyeshadow base (?!) was their own idea and they give you a precise recipe. I saw a girl on Youtube combine some fruity Victoria's Secret Lotion with some overly orange concealer than smear it on her eyes before applying eyeshadow! Yuck! I'm simply showing you that I don't buy Laura Mercier or Smashbox tinted moisturizer, I just make it myself.

I pump a bit of day moisturizer (low SPF), combine it with a tiny, tiny, tiny dot of SPF 95 sunscreen (it's good for the skin to have a thin veil of protection from the sun, but a whole layer of the stuff breaks me out!), and a good squeeze of Revlon concealer in a little jar.

I mix the stuff with a q-tip, and use that (or a concealer brush) to dab it all over my face. I use my fingers to spread it out and rub it in. Make sure you bring it down to your neck.

It's quite sheer, so with whatever thin formula is left, I intensify it with more concealer and use that on my nose and forehead.

I do NOT leave the excess product in the little jar. I rinse it well. Please don't leave it for tomorrow. That's not sanitary. I only use the jar for mixing, not storing. As you get used to the recipe, you'll get the pumping and squeezing down to a science (you have a sick mind), and there will be less waste.

This dries rater matte, but I apply a layer of translucent powder by Almay, especially on hot days.


PS You can use a foundation if you like instead of concealer. Honestly, this is not a strict recipe. Experiment, and message me or leave a comment!

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