Monday, May 2, 2011

Eyeko Mascara

Sorry guys-

I bought this cool-looking Eyeko mascara in a squeezy tube but I returned it before I reviewed. YUCK! On sale for $4.99, I thought I would give it a try (my mascara is 3 months old now, but I love it, and it's expensive). I think I'm gonna try to pick up the Fairydrops mascara in China.

So this Eyeko mascara came in a silver, squishy, squeezy (I just made the typo squeexy and I thought I would share it with you) tube. It's got a cute little wand and promises to stimulate lash growth or something with Vitamin E Oil. I don't like it because it's clumpy (surprisingly so for a rather liquidy formula) and when I wash my face or do sports instead of melting off like I would expect, it comes off on my cheeks in little pieces. It flaked on me! AHAHAHAHAHA I'M FUNNY.

I like it cos it makes my lashes really shiny.

Its best use is the lower lashes.

It's normally $10. Try it out if you like. I found it at Urban Outfitters. I left it at Urban Outfitters.


PS When I returned it I didn't have a receipt but I got store cred. I used it on my graduation dress. xD


  1. I like the eyeko only for lower lashes too :D only lower lashes.
    Ummm I like the gold skin 79 bb cream. That's my fav! Definitely look at skin food and missha too.

    Ummm as for me. Surprise me! JK you really don't have to sweetie.

  2. I bought it cos I saw your review!